Why Targeting Stubborn Fat Deposits Just Doesn’t Work


Fitness websites commonly claim to know the secret for getting rid of flabby arms. They suggest a cure for getting rid of abdominal fat. These strategies for getting rid of the fat in a problem area appeals to the masses, but it just doesn’t work. Why can’t we use the muscles closest to the fatty […]

Best Sleeping Secrets for Good Health


  Sleep is an essential part to good health and body development. It’s a time when your body gets to relax, replenish and grow. Easy as it may appear, quite a number of people suffer from sleeping disorders. This can easily develop to serious health complications and easily lead to low productivity during the day. […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Meditation


  Meditation is a wonderful thing for everyone to do. It’s been proven to reduce stress, help control breathing in sports, and even boost moods. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the ancient practice. Read on to learn more…   1. It’s not as hard as it seems Starting a meditation routine can […]

Secrets to having Successful Relationships


  We’ve all grown up with relationships around us, whether they are relationships with our parents, friends, grandparents, significant others or co-workers. Some relationships become special as we grow in them while some fall by the wayside. As long as we live, relationships keep us going – you only need to talk to those individuals […]

Do You Have Low back Pain?

Over the many years at our active Vancouver clinic our daily patients always comprise of a significant portion of people with neck and low back spinal pain. The statistics for the incidence of low back pain may vary depending on where you find them, but a significant percentage of the patients seen by doctors and […]