Health Professional Center

*** Please welcome our newest member to the Health Professional Team! ***


Carman Wong
Physiotherapist (BCScBiol, BCScPT, FCAMPT, CG*IMS)
Extensive experience in treating neck, shoulder, lower back, knee and motor vehicle accident related pain.


13 Great Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

Discouraged by failed attempts to stop eating so much sugar? Clinical Nutritionist Sharon Meyer and Internist Maxine Barish, M.D., offer up the following suggestions to help improve your diet and reduce sugar intake:

1. Avoid artificial sweeteners
Not only do they contain potentially harmful ingredients, they keep the brain locked into the craving for sweetness.

2. Read labels
Ideally, you should eat unprocessed foods in the their “whole” form. If you find yourself reaching for packaged food, check the labels for sugar, partially hydrogenated fats and, as Michael Pollan would say, unrecognizable “food-like” substances. Try to avoid foods with more than five ingredients.


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